Monday, July 20, 2009

Get your Quick 16 On!

Designed with input from today’s leading engine builders and Pro Stock technology, Wiseco introduces its Quick 16 pistons for drag racing applications. These pistons meet the demands of today’s big valve, big cubic inch Sportsman series engines. Loaded with features, the piston includes anti-detonation grooves, 15° ‘Pro Stock’ pressure seal grooves, ArmorGlide™ skirt coating, reinforced decks, and profiled domes for Nitrous use.

Wiseco built these pistons on a ‘new generations’ dedicated forging designed to perform and last round after round- from weekly brackets to Super 16 shootouts. And since Wiseco produces all their forgings in-house, these pistons are light weight with extreme durability. The dome configuration is designed to maintain proper flame travel and desired compression rations needed for today’s extreme horsepower engines and exotic fuels. It’s designed to fit conventional heads from today’s leading manufacturers. Our new Quick 16 pistons have all the features expected for modern day race engines. These pistons are available in compression heights and ring packages for today’s most popular combinations and power adders. Check out more information at or give our sales team at call at 800-321-1364. Our Quick 16 series pistons retail for $1,050.50 per kit.

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