Monday, July 27, 2009

2-Stroke Pistons Keep Coming Out at Wiseco! Now- the KTM 144SX/ 150SX with ArmorGlide™ Skirt Coating

Wiseco’s full line of 2-stroke motorcycle pistons now includes the new KTM 144SX and 150SX model. What’s so different about this model you ask? This piston is not only electra coated to give you superior wear resistance in the pin bore and ring grooves, but it also comes with our ArmorGlide™ skirt coating. Wiseco’s ArmorGlide™ skirt coating is a result of testing, development, and benchmarking through our rigorous in-house dyno program. The outcome is the ultimate in skirt coating toughness, lubrication, and bond technology working together to minimize friction, maximize horsepower, and provide improved wear resistance. Matched with its dedicated forging and dome design, this piston is light weight and gives you improved flame travel to maximize air/ fuel burn efficiency. Wiseco’s KTM 144SX 2007-08 and 150SX 2009 (869M05600) retails at $137.87. Each piston comes complete with the rings, pin, and circlips.

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