Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wiseco Powered Racers

Wiseco powered racers are tearing up the tracks this year! Here are just a few highlights.

Chris Borich of Makita Suzuki won the 2nd round of the GNCC series in Washington, Georgia. It was a tight race, but Borich pulled the win!

Snocross team Scheuring Speed Sports put on some great performances throughout the winter season. Round 7 of the AMSOIL/ ISOCC SnoCross Championships put Shaun Crapo on the podium in the Pro Stock class. Teammate D.J. Eckstrom gave a great battle, but had some bad luck getting injured after being ejected from his sled and pinned under another racers sled. He was thankfully lucky to walk away from the incident and planned on being back for Round 8. Shaun had an excellent qualifying round in the Pro Open, but had mechanical problems in the main event. Also, teammate Ryan Carey had a nice performance in the Semi Pro class.

The Scheuring team put on a great performance at Round 8 of the AMSOIL/ ISOCC SnoCross Championships. Both Shaun and D.J. made the main event in the Pro Stock and Pro Open classes. Unfortunately D.J. and Shaun both had crashes to end their weekend. But, there was a bright side. The points were totaled for the season and Shaun finished 5th overall and D.J. finished 8th- even missing 3 races due to injury. Testing has already started for next year, so watch for another exciting year from the Scheuring team.

Are you a Wiseco powered racer and want to be featured on our blog? Send your race report and photos to racersupport@wiseco.com. Or, leave us a comment!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wiseco’s new Quick 16 piston kits

Wiseco has just released a new series of pistons designed to fill the needs of today's big cubic inch Sportsman series engines. Designed with input from leading engine builders and racers, Wiseco has created a line of pistons typically reserved to custom orders only- Wiseco's new Big Block Chevy Drag Race Quick 16 pistons.

Being on the cutting edge of forged piston technology allows Wiseco to produce dedicated forgings in-house and to manufacture pistons with the extreme, light weight durability that is expected from today's modern day engines. Available off the shelf, these pistons will keep you running and in the race in both single pistons and kits.

The new design of these pistons are manufactured and designed with fortified pin bosses, maximized ring lands, reinforced decks, extra deep valve pockets, and dedicated skirt shapes- all ready to handle the shock loads of modern day power adders and horsepower levels. Dome profiles are designed to accommodate conventional heads from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Profiles and valve pockets will accept most "rolled" cylinder head mods that are so popular today. These profiles are also designed to maintain proper flame travel and quench while achieving the compression ratio's needed for today's exotic fuels. The piston also features anti-detonation grooves, 15 degree "Pro Stock" pressure seal grooves, vertical gas ports, ArmorGlide™ skirt coatings, and a newly designed "clean sheet of paper" forging. Our new ArmorGlide™ skirt coating does not wear off during the typical life of the piston and reduces friction to increase efficiency and contributes to increased horsepower.

With in-stock availability, Wiseco can supply you not only with pistons, but also K1 Technologies rods and crankshaft assemblies. It is now possible to get the complete package from one source,
One Name. One Solution.™ Wiseco gets you on the track faster!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2009 Honda CRF450R Project Bike

For the first project bike of the year, Wiseco has chosen the 2009 CRF450R. This fresh new racer is packed with loads of high performance goodies, including the latest and most advanced technology available.

We started with our bread and butter and upgraded the heart of the engine with our brand new 13:1 high compression piston. This piston is loaded with features and is built on a dedicated forging, so the strength-to-weight ratio is perfectly optimized for this application. In addition, the skirts are frosted Wiseco’s new ArmorGlide skirt coating for reduced friction, quiet operation, and extra insurance against cold scuffing.

To compliment the new heart of the engine, and to help it breath, we upgraded the lungs with an ultra-light full titanium Yoshimura RS-4 exhaust system. In this case the bark is as nasty as the bite, as the handsomely tuned system drew improved power delivery from the engine, giving it a very ride-able power band with nice increases over stock.

The most exciting part on the CRF450R is our new Fuel Management EFI Controller. Just like with a carbureted bike, to fully benefit from the changes we made to the piston and exhaust system, the fuel delivery needed adjusted. Obviously it is not easy to adjust the fuel delivery on a fuel-injected bike as easily as you can by swapping jets on a carbureted bike. . . until now! Wiseco’s new Generation 3.5 Fuel Management Controller allows the user to dial in the injector duration with the touch of a button. With simple plug-and-play installation, the user is able to select one of three tuning zones, that are synonymous with the pilot jet circuit, needle jet circuit, and main jet circuit on a carburetor. There is no laptop or external power supply needed! Once installed, the Fuel Management Controller can be used to select the necessary tuning zone, and then simply add or subtract fuel to maximize the power delivery, or optimize ride-ability. If that isn’t cool enough, we took the Fuel Controller one step further by coupling it with an external oxygen sensor mounted in the head pipe of the exhaust. This allowed us to run in full CLOSED loop mode, which maintains a specified air/fuel ratio at any given point in the RPM range, altitude, or temperature. Once the perfect air/fuel ratio is identified, our Fuel Management Controller will monitor the exhaust through the oxygen sensor, and hold the fuel delivery exactly at the programmed ratio.

To finish off the project bike, we installed our brand new 6-spring clutch, which includes a fully forged clutch basket, inner hub, and pressure plate, and Wiseco frictions, drive plates, and springs. The stock 4-spring CRF450R clutch has a heavy pull, and uneven spring clamping. The Wiseco design improves on that by offering a retrofit to the better 6-spring design, which evens the clamping load and lightens the pull at the lever.

We went with the CV4 radiator hose kit to eliminate the tee in the lines, and improve the quality and appearance of the stock hoses. Pro-Action took care of the suspension to ensure the bike handled as well as it ran. Renthal is handled the drive department with a R3 Gold O-Ring chain, Ultralite rear sprocket, and grooved front sprocket. Braking USA ensured the stopping power is up to par with a 270mm oversized front wave rotor and rear wave rotor. We used the Cycra M2 pivoting hand guard system for roost protection. Johnny Signs finished off the bike with a beautiful custom graphics kit highlighting the Wiseco-powered bike and supporting sponsors.

Wiseco has products for all the CRF450's, including high performance pistons; forged clutch components; clutch plates, springs, and covers; valve train components; and bottom end rebuild kits. Check out http://www.wiseco.com/ProductSearch.aspx to find what we offer for you.

2009 Honda CRF450, Ready for Battle

Get your 2009 Honda CRF450 ready for battle with Wiseco’s new high compression 13:1 piston. You can be sure you are getting the toughest piston with the best features for the race season. All Wiseco pistons are made on a dedicated forging made in our in-house forging department, giving you a light weight piston with superior strength and optimal design. High compression pistons offer noticeable improvement in torque gains, giving you real “seat of the pants” increases. With Wiseco’s high-compression piston, you will be ready to grab another gear with instant throttle response when you need it the most. Wiseco’s dome design offers improved flame travel maximizing air/ fuel burn efficiency. Other features that come standard include chrome plated piston pins, horizontal slot pin oiling, pressure seal groove, and dedicated rings.

Wiseco’s new 2009 Honda CRF450 also comes standard with our new ArmorGlide® skirt coating. This coating is the result of testing, development, and benchmarking through our rigorous in-house dyno program. The result is the ultimate in skirt coating toughness, lubrication, and bond technology. ArmorGlide® remains on the piston for the typical life and lowers friction for increased piston efficiency, a contributor to increased horsepower.

To win with Wiseco, visit our website Wiseco.com or call our sales team at 800-321-1364. The Wiseco 2009 Honda CRF450 piston retails at $226.55.