Tuesday, October 27, 2009

See the successes of using Wiseco product and what we've been up to during the racing season.

Wiseco Sponsors the Hoosier Outlaw Series

The Hoosier Outlaw Sprint Series had its final 2009 Points event in September at Baer Field Speedway. Tim Cox of Park City, Illinois won the race and the Championship. We appreciate Wiseco's support through out the past years.

The CRF250X Project -- Success!

Thanks to you and Wiseco for all the help with our Enduro Engineering Honda CRF250X project. Tom Webb of Dirt Bike Magazine came to the UP300 to cover the event and do the test. The bike was great the clutch problems that we experienced early in our testing with the stock clutch was completely fixed with your clutch components. We here at Enduro Engineering look forward to working with you and Wiseco in the future.

Wiseco sponsored pro, Kyle Martin, clinches the OMA National Pro Quad Championship!
I just wanted to say thanks for all the support this year! It has been an awesome season. With your help I have been able to win the OMA National Pro Quad Championship, the OXC Midwest Regional Pro Quad Championship, and I was a member of the Pro class winners at the annual Heartland Challenge 10 Hour Endurance Race.
See Kyle's shoutout on his podium speech - http://www.unitedoffroadracing.com/index1.php

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SPOTTED! Hot Rod Magazine 2010 Camaro prowling around Wiseco

A blood red 2010 Camaro with "Hot Rod Test Car" on its doors was seen prowling around Wiseco’s proving grounds this morning. Rumors persist this machine may be part of some secret Wiseco skunkworks project. In a statement, local man John Milner was quoted as saying: "The thing pulled in around 4 a.m. Monday morning. It was dark and all I could see at first was the halo headlights….followed by the unmistakable rumble of a cammed up LS3. There was rubber all over the back fenders…as if it had just driven itself up from the GM performance LSX shootout or somethin’." Normally the car rarely leaves its lair in Houston Texas- the School of Automotive Machinists compound. Elusive madman Ron Shearer of Shearer fabrications has also been seen on the grounds -leading to the speculation that some kind of demented transformation may be underway to turn it into a 440 cubic inch Twin Turbo Terror. We will continue to alert the general public as the story develops.