Friday, March 23, 2012

Everyone who raced their bikes or quads on the weekend could use some good news, when it comes to actual fuel costs. As we all know, the cost per gallon this week on the local Ohio towns has gone up to $3.99 a gallon. Not too many weeks back the prices were between $3.49 and $3.69 per gallon. The sticker shock of seeing an 11% increase and $3.99 per gallon can sure convince all of us to stay home rather than go riding or racing, so we should take the time to do the real math, and understand that the impact to our weekend activities is not as bad as it appears.
Just picking a typical vehicle used to transport my own bikes to the track, let’s start with a Ford F150. Normally, my truck would get around 12 MPG loaded with a bike and riding gear. Sometimes less if I am hauling more weight or a trailer, sometimes more when I travel light. Let’s say I go to a local track, which for us is about 80 miles from my house:

F150 loaded with bikes: 12 MPG

Fuel cost: $3.69 per gallon

Distance traveled: 80 miles (one way, 160 round trip)
80/12 = 6.67 gallons used x $3.59 (mean average a few weeks ago) = $23.95 (or $47.90 round trip)

80/12 = 6.67 gallons used x $3.99 (today’s price) = $26.61 (or $53.22 round trip)

Net difference: $2.66 (round trip $5.32)

I don’t know about you, but I am not staying home from riding because of $5.32! Sure, we will use slightly more fuel costs in the bikes or quads, it all adds up. But the net cost difference is not as scary as it appears. So everyone, get out and do what you love on the weekend, and do not let the gas prices keep you home until you do the math!

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