Friday, June 4, 2010

Wiseco John Penton GNCC Race This Weekend!

The Wiseco John Penton is this weekend in Millfield, Ohio at Sunday Creek Motocross. Why not grab the family and head out to see some great racing? You might be thinking, but it's always either raining or so dry the dust kicks up something fierce! Well, I've looked at the weather forecast and it doesn't look so bad, so maybe this year will be the year for great weather. With Wiseco's home in Ohio, we know how our weather can be. Regardless, the racers need us there to cheer them on!

Wiseco will have a display set up in vendor's row. You'll be able to see all our products for dirt bikes and ATV's. We've even included some samples of our V-Twin product for those of you who prefer cruising on your Harley®.

Come on out to Millfield for the Round 8 of the GNCC series- the Wiseco John Penton. Don't miss any of the action and stop by to say 'Hi' to us at the Wiseco booth on Saturday and Sunday.

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