Friday, November 13, 2009

Wiseco's pistons continue to wow the crowds and our customers! Check out some achievements from our customers.

With SEMA behind us and PRI coming up quickly, Wiseco's auto department has been busy! Many of our customers have also been busy racing with our pistons. Check out what some of them have done!

Jay Norris of Norris racing engines had this to say about his latest set of custom pistons on Wiseco’s Quick 16 forging. Jay’s 532ci Dart pro 1 headed test mule produced 984 hp and 747 torque with a small carb., .775 lift bracket cam, and 13.9:1 compression. The engine was just off the dyno and he wrote us a letter with the results: '“I was very impressed with the dimensional accuracy and consistency, along with better than excellent surface finish. The ring lands were so flat that we registered over 22in. vacuum on this wet sump system (we actually had to change pulleys in order to slow down the pump). MY COMPLIMENTS ON A JOB WELL DONE! It is refreshing to see a manufacturer actually listen and perform accordingly instead of the usual “we can’t do that because…”'

Two Brother’s Racing in Tempe Arizona are long time users Wiseco pistons in their Turbo Supra builds. They’re currently the 2nd fastest 6 speed Supra (with a relatively un-lightened car) running 8.20’s at 183! They’ve got a few things up their sleeve for the upcoming year, but their stroker 2jz currently produces in the neighborhood of 1700 wheel horsepower (283hp per cylinder!). They pull their engines down for inspection roughly every 100 runs and report “Wiseco pistons look really great and we just put them back in again!” No doubt their excellent tuning contributes to this, but the Supra crowd continues to amaze.

Long time customer Aaron Bunch at ATS racing of Denton Texas reports their latest 2311cc 3sgte build (1993cc’s standard) spooled a gt38 turbo at 3500rpm (about 1000 rpm sooner than normal!). He’s up to 480 at the wheels on pump gas which is 3 times the power of a stock engine! He also reports many of his crew has gotten into stand up jet ski’s lately. They’ve got Wiseco’s in those as well and they the prop off with roughly 175 horsepower!

Good job guys, keep pushing it!

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