Friday, September 4, 2009

Nissan's 370Z is a thing of beauty and power. Wiseco has the piston to give it the power it deserves.

Nissan's 370Z is an amazing package of style, handling, and power. The car is born to boost and Wiseco provides the pistons to do it! Massive .300" top lands, 2618 alloy forgings, and .200" wall pins are standard. The XX ring package is the ultimate in durability and seal. ArmorGlide™ skirt coating and a specially designed skirt taper work in harmony with offset pins, reducing noise and wear. When it comes to forged pistons for the 370Z, there's only the best- Wiseco.

This Wiseco piston kit retails for $1,048.92. It is available in 95.5mm and 96mm bore sizes with a 86mm stroke, 1.198" compression height, and 15.5cc dome- to give you 9:1 compression. Our kit includes rings, pins, clips, and pistons to make your build a breeze.

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