Friday, June 26, 2009

Tested! Wiseco’s new Fuel Management Controllers

A few lucky Wiseco employees got to have our new fuel management controllers installed on their bikes. Both bikes were Harley Davidson’s and both saw some nice performance improvements. Along with the dyno testing we do, we test in the field so we know you are getting the best products available.

Chris Hawthorne

2007 Harley Davidson V-Rod.
I did the install myself and it only took about an hour. It was very easy to install. I also found on the V-Rod you can’t really mount it under the seat, so I put it behind the air box. It is still easy to get to and is out of sight from rain and such. And as far as the performance end of it, WOW what a difference I felt! Before installing the Wiseco fuel controller, the exhaust pipes would glow cherry red. Now the bike runs cooler and has lots more acceleration in the mid range.

Ron Gryzmala
Customer Service

2003 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic
The fuel management controller was installed on my bike here at Wiseco. The controller smoothed out the operation of my bike. Before the controller, my bike was at the stock settings. I now have no popping or backfiring during deceleration off the freeway. It has also increased the roll on power for acceleration onto the highway. I really like it. “It has definitely increased the performance of my baby.”

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