Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wiseco Continues to Invest in its Business

Wiseco annually invests many thousands of dollars in technology and maintanence. Even with the downturn of the economy, Wiseco is continuning its investment into new technology. So far for 2009, we have received a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). This machine will take the place of calipers during the inspection process. Calipers are an outdated technology that does not permit the level of quality our customer's demand and expectation in today's environment.

The CMM machine will eliminate the cost of outsourcing proper quality inspection and the delays associated with outsourcing the process. This will allow Wiseco to become a "Qualified Supplier" to our customers. This will improve delivery and reduce lead times for new applications or re-made tooling and help expedite tooling required for forgings in 2009. In addition, the CMM machine will enhance the robustness of the process to ensure we are sending quality parts to the next operation. This is critical to our replenishment system, inventory reduction, and Continuous Improvement initiatives. Many other investments are planned for Wiseco in 2009, including the continued investment of our manufacturing facility.

Wiseco invested $900,000 in its manufacturing facility for 2008. In order to better serve our powersports customers and to improve delivery to our customers, Wiseco invested in new CNC milling centers and CNC turning machines. Our capability in 4-stroke custom powersports manufacturing cells have improved to reduce lead time to our customers. In addition to many other smaller pieces of equipment to complement the new CNC machines, these investments will improve the quality of Wiseco's finished products, permit more efficient operation, and improve customer delivery time.

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