Friday, March 27, 2009

Wiseco’s new Quick 16 piston kits

Wiseco has just released a new series of pistons designed to fill the needs of today's big cubic inch Sportsman series engines. Designed with input from leading engine builders and racers, Wiseco has created a line of pistons typically reserved to custom orders only- Wiseco's new Big Block Chevy Drag Race Quick 16 pistons.

Being on the cutting edge of forged piston technology allows Wiseco to produce dedicated forgings in-house and to manufacture pistons with the extreme, light weight durability that is expected from today's modern day engines. Available off the shelf, these pistons will keep you running and in the race in both single pistons and kits.

The new design of these pistons are manufactured and designed with fortified pin bosses, maximized ring lands, reinforced decks, extra deep valve pockets, and dedicated skirt shapes- all ready to handle the shock loads of modern day power adders and horsepower levels. Dome profiles are designed to accommodate conventional heads from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Profiles and valve pockets will accept most "rolled" cylinder head mods that are so popular today. These profiles are also designed to maintain proper flame travel and quench while achieving the compression ratio's needed for today's exotic fuels. The piston also features anti-detonation grooves, 15 degree "Pro Stock" pressure seal grooves, vertical gas ports, ArmorGlide™ skirt coatings, and a newly designed "clean sheet of paper" forging. Our new ArmorGlide™ skirt coating does not wear off during the typical life of the piston and reduces friction to increase efficiency and contributes to increased horsepower.

With in-stock availability, Wiseco can supply you not only with pistons, but also K1 Technologies rods and crankshaft assemblies. It is now possible to get the complete package from one source,
One Name. One Solution.™ Wiseco gets you on the track faster!

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